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Global Research

From the Great Recession to the Arab uprisings, to the Euromaidan revolution, Brexit and COVID-19 -- we've been there.

Gallup measures the will of the world as history is made so you can make history.

Our Research

Understanding the Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors of People Around the World

Through our independent research and in collaboration with global partners, we study what's happening in the lives of the world's 7+ billion people.

We conducted our first international survey in 1938 in the United Kingdom and since then have conducted surveys in over 160 countries and areas.

One powerful tool we use is the Gallup World Poll -- the most comprehensive and farthest-reaching survey of the world.

What Is the World Poll?

A 100-Year Initiative to Measure the Will of Every Person on Earth

The Gallup World Poll started with one important question: Why not?

In 2001, then-U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld dismissed a reporter's question about the opinions of citizens in Afghanistan, saying it would be "very difficult to go down and do a Gallup poll."

Was it possible? Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton wanted to know. Why not, came the reply. Why not go farther, learn more and better understand the billions of ways to live a life, which is the foundation of our mission.

Image of our global reach with 99% of the world map covered by our nationally representative samples.

The result is the Gallup World Poll, the most comprehensive and farthest-reaching survey of the world. The survey connects with more than 99% of the world's adult population through annual, nationally representative surveys with comparable metrics across countries.

Every Voice Counts

The World Poll has become an indispensable tool for global leaders and decision-makers who need to understand the hopes, dreams and behaviors of the people they serve.

Because assumptions help no one. But real answers from real people change everything.

What it measures

Expanding Global Knowledge

We've conducted interviews with over 2 million people. From happiness to financial inclusion to modern slavery, we ask questions to understand the most pressing problems facing humankind and track the progress of human development.

Business and Economics
  • Confidence in Financial Institutions
  • Climate for Starting a Business
  • Feelings About Household Income
Government and Politics
  • Approval of Country's Leadership
  • Approval of World Leaders
  • Confidence in National Government
  • Confidence in the Honesty of Elections
  • Satisfaction With the Availability of Quality Healthcare
  • Health Problems
  • Feel Well-Rested
  • Experienced Physical Pain Yesterday

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Who can use the World Poll?

Any organization that wants to contribute to solving the biggest problems that society faces.

We work with organizations across multilaterals, NGOs, private foundations, philanthropies and corporations to measure more than 100 crucial issues affecting people's lives.

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Working Toward Our Mission

The Gallup World Poll powers our independent research and metrics.

World Poll in the Media

Jon Clifton, Gallup Global Managing Partner, explains what happiness today can tell us about the world tomorrow.

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No one reaches as many people or asks as many questions as we do. Learn how we partner with mission-driven organizations to fill data gaps, take the pulse of the world, and generate new insights that leaders and policymakers need to know.

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