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Gallup Education

Inspire Academic Success to Achieve Great Jobs & Great Lives

Gallup's research, consulting and strategies help education leaders focus on what matters most to improve student success in school and, ultimately, in their career and life.

Measuring What Matters Most in Education

We help transform institutions, schools and districts.

As the world's most trusted research organization, Gallup conducts strategic priority research for mission-critical initiatives. We support all education leaders by measuring outcomes and providing insights to create thriving learning communities where students and educators can reach their greatest potential.

Our strengths-based development program -- based on the world-renowned CliftonStrengths assessment -- is the most powerful, personalized driver in student and educator learning and development available.

K-12 Education

Develop a positive and engaged school culture by shifting the focus from what is wrong to what is strong.

In strengths-based schools, students thrive -- because teachers and leaders know and use their strengths, appreciate individual differences, and develop an exceptional environment for learning.

Individualized instruction helps students set goals and build life skills. And when educators and parents partner to develop children's unique talents, students achieve school and career success, a personal sense of belonging, and a life well-lived.

Establish a positive school culture and productive learning environment for all your students with Gallup's K-12 insights and solutions.

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Higher Education

Gallup provides university leaders externally validated research and accountability to help with their most pressing concerns and strategic priorities. Together with our clients, Gallup conducts thought leadership studies, key constituent audits, strategic plan research and program evaluations.

Our work includes quantitative and qualitative studies of students, staff and faculty, alumni, and employers on topics such as alumni outcomes, employee engagement, strengths-based development, campus culture, inclusivity and diversity, free speech, and well-being.

We focus our research and consulting on helping campuses build relationship-rich and work-integrated learning environments.

Gallup's analytics, advice and strengths-based development programs create thriving, engaged campus cultures that make a measurable difference in student success and alumni outcomes.

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Create a thriving learning community.

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