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Advancing DEI Initiatives: A Guide for Organizational Leaders

Gallup has made a long-term commitment to studying diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Here's our latest perspective.

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Making progress on DEI means more than checking a box. How can leaders craft DEI initiatives that make a difference?

Culture transformation requires a serious, long-term commitment from leaders. It also means having the right DEI metrics that track the subjective workplace experiences of your employees.

Gallup's latest report on diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace offers guidance for organizational leaders who are looking to improve the outcomes of their DEI programs.

In this report, you will learn:

  • important advice for benchmarking diversity
  • the top three survey items for measuring equity
  • how inclusion impacts engagement
  • four key considerations for leading DEI initiatives

Build an effective, long-term DEI strategy.

  1. 1What is your commitment?
  2. 2What changes will you make?
  3. 3How will you track progress?
  4. 4How will you sustain progress?

Dive deeper into our diversity and inclusion insights.

In Gallup's previous report, Three Requirements of a Diverse and Inclusive Culture -- and Why They Matter for Your Organization, we examined the business case for diversity and inclusion, as well as the key factors for creating inclusive environments.

Gallup defines DEI in the following way:

Diversity The traits and characteristics that make people unique
Equity Fair treatment, access and advancement for each person
Inclusion An environment that makes people feel welcome, respected and valued