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Hiring Analytics

Identify Top Talent and Hire for Potential

Use predictive analytics to attract the best candidates and unbiased hiring methods to align them with roles where they'll thrive.

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We've studied talent for decades.

Gallup has an unparalleled understanding of what defines excellence in nearly every role and extensive research that shows talent enables sustained performance. This understanding of natural talent has helped us to develop validated pre-hire assessments that differentiate potential high performers from average or below-average performers in a role.

Unlike implementing assessments alone, integrating a talent-based approach includes a focus on talent at each stage of the employee experience. We offer predictive hiring analytics and advice to transform the way organizations find, select and develop top performers.

Partner with Us to Identify Top Talent
50+ years of employee selection experience
Meta-analysis of 827 studies
16+ million candidates assessed for myriad roles, including managers and leaders

Talent is the natural capacity for excellence.

Gallup measures talent with scientific assessments that evaluate naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that can be productively applied.

Our Framework

Start hiring for potential.

The human capital decisions your organization makes every day directly affect productivity and profitability. Many organizations spend most of the talent acquisition process vetting candidates' education, skills, knowledge and experience. While these variables should, of course, factor into hiring decisions and are necessary requirements for certain jobs, organizations are missing the opportunity to evaluate a critical component of a person's success -- their natural talent.

Gallup Approach

People have strong behavioral tendencies that can be measured, evaluated and compared to role expectations. Using a scientifically validated measurement of candidates' talents increases the likelihood of hiring high-potential candidates, which reduces the variance your organization will see in performance.

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Build a talent strategy for the future.

Candidates are more than their resumes.

Organizations working to build a diverse pipeline of future leaders need reliable and fair ways to evaluate and understand candidates. Your recruiters and hiring leaders can make better decisions when empowered with a more holistic picture of each candidate -- their knowledge, skills, experience and talent potential.

Hiring a person for a job that demands they act, think or respond in a way that doesn't align with their natural instincts requires them to exert a higher degree of focus and attention. Expecting someone to consistently deliver excellence in a role that doesn't fit their talents can often lead to burnout and higher turnover -- it's unsustainable.

Diversity matters. Hiring bias is real.

Organizations with diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces apply a holistic strategy to integrate fair practices at each stage of the employee experience.

Building a diverse pipeline of qualified candidates requires that organizations commit to initiatives that attract a wide range of applicants and apply a candidacy process composed of steps that are fair and focused on the job in question.

Gallup's talent assessments promote diversity within the candidate pool that your organization chooses to assess by evaluating talent for the role in an unbiased way.


Evaluate talent with validated assessments.

Our decades of research and extensive database of talent across a wide spectrum of roles have enabled us to develop a suite of validated talent-based hiring assessments. With an emphasis on performance excellence, the assessments are calibrated to help your organization understand each candidate's potential relative to the best in the role.

Gallup offers assessments at all levels:

  • individual contributors
  • sales
  • managers and directors
  • leaders
Five Dimensions of Talent

Our assessments offer insights into a person's talent across five key dimensions that are critical to workplace performance.

Using assessments creates consistency in your talent acquisition process and improves accuracy in identifying high-potential talent. Talent optimization depends on a human capital strategy that centers on talent with investment in targeted sourcing, effective recruiting, clear role definition, talent acquisition team alignment, compelling onboarding, performance management, development, engagement and succession planning.

Partner with Us to Find Top Talent

Partner with us to transform your hiring process in a way that nets you top talent and improves business outcomes.

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