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DEI initiatives shouldn't be about perfection. They should be about progress.

Leaders who prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace recognize that trying new things means learning from mistakes. It also means making a firm and lasting commitment to change -- and measuring that change in the right way.

We can help you prioritize DEI initiatives so you can foster an organizational culture where every voice is welcomed, respected and heard.

How to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Successfully creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace means more than checking a box. Diversity, equity and inclusion are ultimately experienced by individual employees -- or they're not. Gallup's analysis has uncovered the essential questions that reveal if your DEI initiatives are being felt and experienced by employees.

Gallup defines DEI in the following way:

Diversity The traits and characteristics that make people unique
Equity Fair treatment, access and advancement for each person
Inclusion An environment that makes people feel welcome, respected and valued
How Gallup Can Help

Are you ready to make real progress on your DEI initiatives?

Gallup experts bring decades of international workplace expertise to your leadership team. Using an evidence-based approach, Gallup can discern an organization's specific diversity, equity and inclusion opportunities in the following ways.

Precise measurement

Our world-class scientific expertise and global database, complemented by additional researched DEI items, allow confident benchmarking and decision-making.

Culture transformation

We know that true change only comes from intentional changes to the way work gets done. We can help build a unique road map with actionable steps, customized advice and clear milestones.

Holistic approach

Our lens to DEI is holistic. We connect your DEI data with other organizational inputs to understand the complexities of your workplace.

When employees feel respected and included, organizations thrive. Through our research, we have discovered the practices and behaviors that lead to real, lasting organizational change. We also have learned that every workplace is unique. Together, we can combine your organization's unique way of doing business with the world's best organizational and management science.

DEI Research

When employees are certain that their leaders are fair, equitable and inclusive, it changes the way they behave and perform.

Perceptions matter when it comes to DEI success. So, which perceptions of equity and inclusion ultimately drive employee engagement and organizational performance?

In our latest DEI report, Advancing DEI Initiatives: A Guide for Organizational Leaders, we examine the essential components of effective DEI metrics. We also uncover four key considerations for DEI programs that leaders should answer to help them build effective, long-term DEI initiatives.

It's time to make your DEI initiatives intentional.

Connect with Gallup to discuss where you want to take your organization next.

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