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Financial Services Quarterly Business Review

Webinar Details
29 minutes
About the Webinar

Gain insights from Gallup's latest thought leadership around pressing topics facing your workplaces, such as:

Economic Pressures in the Workplace

Are companies still hiring? Are jobs at risk? Discover insights from our CHRO roundtable and Gallup research to drive engagement during uncertain times. 

AI Usage and Readiness 

How many employees use AI? Do leaders anticipate it replacing jobs? For what purposes can workers leverage AI productively? Gain perspective on how employees and organizational leaders are feeling about AI and what can be done to steward it effectively. 

Work-Location Preferences

What percentage of employees like to work remotely or at home? How does this compare to their reality? How does this impact their engagement and intent to stay? Learn more about the state of employees’ work-location preferences and what you can do to drive engagement while meeting operational needs.

Register for this session to learn:

  • how to drive engagement through an uncertain economic climate
  • how AI is perceived and what can be done to steward it effectively
  • what impact the disconnect between worker’s ideal preferences around work location and their current reality have on engagement – and what you can do about it

The Speakers
Andrew Robertson
Managing Consultant, Financial Services Practice
Bryan Krup
Workplace Consultant

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