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Gallup's Management Certification

Be the reason people join your team and never leave. Earn our certification to become an expert in people management. How? Take the Boss to Coach Journey.

What is Gallup's Manager Certification?

A Gallup-Certified Manager is equipped with the approach, tools and resources to deliver unprecedented results with a team.

Our certification is the culmination of your meaningful interactions with course leaders and peers, self-discovery, insights into leadership success and hours of in-depth content.

Being a Gallup-Certified Manager signals that you've mastered the essential elements of world-class people management:

  • Strengths-based development
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance development
Better Results for Your Team and Your Organization

It's not just your results as a team leader that improve when you go through our certification curriculum. Your entire organization benefits.

Managers who apply our approach to strengths development, employee engagement and performance development drive organic growth and build a stronger culture.

Benefits of Being a Gallup-Certified Manager

Enjoy the advantages of getting certified through Gallup:

  • exclusive manager webinars

  • extended access to Boss to Coach digital materials

  • Gallup-Certified Manager certificate and logo

Gallup-Certified Manager logo.
How to Earn Gallup's Manager Certification

Transform your leadership approach and your career with these three steps.

Certification Requirements :
  1. 1Complete Boss to Coach One.

    Boss to Coach One is the first half of our revolutionary manager development experience, the Boss to Coach Journey. In Boss to Coach One, you'll learn how to lead your team with strengths-based, engagement-focused and performance-oriented coaching.

  2. 2Complete Boss to Coach Two.

    As the second half of the Boss to Coach Journey, Boss to Coach Two equips you to effectively coach performance challenges, conflict and common issues employees face.

  3. 3Pass the certification exam.

    Confirm your knowledge by passing the test. After that, you're officially a Gallup-Certified Manager.

If you have questions, contact us at

Become a certified manager by taking the Boss to Coach Journey.

Learn the needs and motivations of your employees, and coach them to reach higher achievements and better performance.

Receive credit hours for continuing your education.

Learn about receiving continuing education hours for completing Gallup courses and learning journeys.