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5 Steps to Engage Your Workforce in 2024

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47 minutes
About the Webinar

For many leaders, 2023 presented challenges that seemed difficult, if not impossible, to solve. Social media trends like quiet quitting and “bare minimum Mondays” permeated workplaces and perpetuated the habits of low performance — while employee stress continued its climb upward, as documented by Gallup, leading to issues like burnout.

Yet, no matter the trend, the solution remains unchanged: employee engagement. For organisations that need a way to successfully resolve the challenges of 2023 and make 2024 their year of mission, purpose and quality, Gallup has created the Employee Engagement Strategies Checklist, which walks leaders and strategists through five practical actions they need to take to engage employees in 2024.

Led by experts who will bring the major steps of the checklist to life with real advice and actionable next steps, this live webinar explores how to:

  • prevent manager burnout and stress
  • prepare managers to have meaningful conversations
  • take action on survey results

The Speakers
Ellie Beech
Workplace Advisor
Shannon Duckworth
Workplace Advisor

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