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Americans' Views on Government Regulation Remain Steady

More Americans continue to say there is too much government regulation of business and industry than say there is too little or the right amount.

Gallup Vault: Few in 1963 Thought Oswald Acted Alone

Right at the start, a majority of Americans suspected there was more to John F. Kennedy's assassination than met the eye.

In U.S., Belief in Creationist View of Humans at New Low

While most Americans believe God was involved in the creation of humans, fewer than four in 10 (38%) hold a strict creationist view, the lowest level in 35 years.

The Political Divide Over Higher Education in America

A majority of Republicans say colleges and universities have a negative effect on the U.S. Could this have a long-term impact on higher education -- and on the country itself?

Three in 10 in U.S. Have Positive Views of Federal Government

About three in 10 Americans have positive views of the federal government. Unusually, Republicans and Democrats now hold similar views of the government.

Why Are Republicans Down on Higher Ed?

Republicans are less confident than Democrats in U.S. colleges and universities. These attitudes appear to stem from Republican views that colleges are too political and agenda-driven.

Six in 10 in U.S. See Partisan Bias in News Media

A new high of 62% of U.S. adults say the news media favors one political party over the other. A majority continue to say the media is often inaccurate.

Don't Leave Succession Planning to Chance

Learn four practical steps for turning succession planning from an imprecise art into an exact science.

Republicans', Democrats' Views of Media Accuracy Diverge

Just over a third of U.S. adults in 2017 believe news media generally get the facts straight, the same as in 2003. Republicans and those without a college degree are the most likely to doubt the media's credibility.

Implications of President Trump's Focus on His Base

President Donald Trump's public pronouncements of his focus on a narrow reference group -- his "base" -- may have important consequences.
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