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Search, examine and export information on every topic affecting your organization.

Create custom data tables, trends, charts and scatter plots to analyze data the way you want.

Gallup's proprietary global database is the trusted analytics source for leaders and researchers around the world.

  • World Poll: the on-the-ground reality of people in more than 160 countries and regions through nationally representative, consistent sampling via face-to-face and telephone polling, annually since 2005
  • U.S. Daily tracking: the pulse of U.S. residents 350 days a year, interviewing 1,000 Americans every day through U.S. Daily tracking and the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index
  • Gallup Brain: the searchable, living record of U.S. public opinion dating back to 1935

Download our survey questions: U.S. Daily tracking items and World Poll items.

Subscribers include:

  • governments
  • academic institutions
  • financial services firms
  • nonprofits
  • think tanks
  • media
  • corporations
  • and more

Enhance your organization's research using proprietary data.

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