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Gallup Analytics: What Will You

Explore leading economic indicators and social and wellbeing data collected since 2005 in more than 160 countries and areas.

What Is Gallup Analytics?

A One-of-a-Kind Data Access Portal

Gallup Analytics is a subscription-based platform that houses more than a decade of international public opinion data from more than 160 countries and areas and nearly a century of U.S. national data.

Powered by the Gallup World Poll and other public opinion and survey research, Gallup Analytics provides subscribers with unprecedented access to internationally comparable, broad coverage, in-depth research, with trend lines on important measurements of human development.

What's Inside

Opportunities for New Research

Do you already know the type of data that your research is missing? Or are you trying to find your starting place? Avoid walking a worn path -- find a new angle in Gallup Analytics.

Because Gallup Analytics data are not widely accessed, they are rich in potential discoveries -- especially at the national and individual levels.

With different tiers of access, including to our microdata, you can find the subscription option that gets you the data you need.

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Who's It For?

Researchers, Academics and Students Interested in the Human Side of Data

Supplement your research objectives or find a jumping-off point with Gallup Analytics' wealth of primary data on people's firsthand life experiences and opinions.

Whatever your focus, the nuanced, quantitative data on how people are living their lives can be a guide for research inquiry and an influential force with larger implications on social research, public policy and society.

Research topics include:

  • Migration
  • Health
  • Wellbeing
  • Happiness and life evaluation
  • U.S. indicator data

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Have a question you want to ask the world? Learn how you can add questions to the Gallup World Poll or another Gallup survey.

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