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Gallup’s 2024 Global Emotions Report

Understanding how people are feeling is essential for leaders who strive to create thriving workplaces, institutions, communities and countries.

Discover where people were the most positive- or negative- in a year marked by conflict.

Download the 2024 Gallup Global Emotions report to see our latest World Poll findings. Explore the detailed data on emotional wellbeing around the globe with insights on recent events and implications for the future.

Gallup Global Emotions 2024

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Download the 2024 Gallup Global Emotions report.

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The State of Global Emotions

Gallup's annual Global Emotions report measures people's positive and negative experiences worldwide, giving leaders insights into the emotional health of their societies that traditional economic indicators don't capture.

In 2023, the world was in a better place emotionally. Negative emotions dropped for the first time in a decade, and positive emotions completed their rebound.

of adults worldwide said they experienced loneliness during a lot of the previous day.
of those who felt lonely also said they experienced sadness, which is three times higher than the 18% who did not feel lonely but did experience sadness.

Why are emotions important in our daily lives?

Emotion is a fundamental element of the human experience. See the world's hotspots on our Global Emotions Interactive page.

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The Gallup World Poll has been tracking the world's emotional health since 2005 and began publishing the Global Emotions report in 2015. Explore previous reports:

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