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Gallup Global Emotions Report

Gallup's positive and negative experience indexes measure life's intangibles: how people feel about their lives. Download the 2020 report for the latest on emotional wellbeing around the world.

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The State of Global Emotions

Every year, the Global Emotions Report endeavors to quantify at the country level whether people are enjoying life and learning new and interesting things, and if they feel well rested or if they feel extreme stress, sadness, worry or physical pain.

In short, the report provides a measure of everything that makes life worth living and gives leaders insights into the emotional health of their societies that they can't get from economic measures like GDP alone.

Why are emotions important in our daily lives?

Visit the Global Happiness Center to learn more about why and how Gallup measures global wellbeing and to see the world's hot spots with our emotions data interactive.

Emotion is a fundamental element of the human experience.

How people feel affects life outcomes and is a definitive indicator of societal health and progress.

Tracking big-picture trends worldwide reveals which populations have high wellbeing and which are experiencing emotional turmoil.

Looking for more reports on how life is being lived around the globe?

See the latest findings from both our independent research and the discoveries made possible through our partnerships.

Browse Previous Global Emotions Reports

Gallup has been tracking the world's emotional health since 2005 and publishing the Global Emotions Report since 2015. Explore reports from the past several years.

Global Emotions 2019 Report

Paraguay had the highest Positive Experience Index score worldwide, while Afghanistan's score dropped to a record low.

Download PDFabout Global Emotions 2019 Report.

Global Emotions 2018 Report

The world took a negative turn in 2017. People were more stressed and worried than at any other point in the years Gallup has measured.

Download PDF about Global Emotions 2018 Report.

Global Emotions 2017 Report

Iraq was the No. 1 country in terms of negative experiences in 2016. Iranians, South Sudanese and Iraqis were the angriest in the world.

Download PDF about Global Emotions 2017 Report.