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Gallup prides itself on the integrity of its data and being transparent. We are committed to using scientifically proven and accepted methodologies for Gallup polling in more than 160 countries and areas worldwide. Gallup applies rigorous research standards to its surveys, which track what the public is thinking on virtually every political, economic and social issue that matters to society.

Gallup's methodologists continuously study best practices in the field of survey research and conduct experiments to inform our methodologies. To learn about Gallup's latest methodological research, experiments and changes, read our Methodology Blog.

Key Surveys

The Gallup U.S. Poll gauged Americans' opinions on and perceptions of pressing political and economic issues and current events.

The Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index includes the most precise data available on Americans' health conditions and behaviors. The Well-Being Index measures Americans' perceptions of their lives and daily experiences, capturing the interrelated elements that make up well-being, including a sense of purpose, social relationships, financial security, relationship to the community, and physical health.

The Education Consumer Survey strives to give a voice to higher education consumers by measuring the opinions, experiences and expectations of prospective, current and former students.

The Gallup Poll Social Series includes topical questions on political, economic, and social issues and several hundred long-standing Gallup trends -- some dating back to the 1930s. Gallup initiates these surveys during the same month every year and includes a survey's core trend questions in the same order each administration. Using this consistent standard allows Gallup researchers to reliably analyze changes in trend data.

The Gallup World Poll monitors the issues that matter most to societies worldwide, such as personal safety, food and shelter, employment, well-being, and confidence in national institutions. This survey is administered face to face or by telephone in more than 160 countries and areas and in over 140 languages.

In addition to our core polls, organizations worldwide turn to Gallup to conduct custom surveys using our rigorous research standards and scientifically proven methodologies to help them solve their most pressing problems.

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