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CliftonStrengths for Organizations

Creating a culture where people want to work, feel fulfilled and can realize their full potential doesn't happen by accident. Use CliftonStrengths to bring the best to your people so you can get the best from them.

Workplace cultures across the globe are in reset mode. Organizations are trying to discover how to define their culture and reinforce the values of that culture, all while developing the people who make up that culture. That's a tall order.

And with organizations composed of employees working from home, in the office and a hybrid version of the two, leaders need something that unites their people -- giving them a common language and a better way to appreciate each other. What organizations need now is to focus on their strengths.

High-Performing Organizations Start With the Right Culture

And the right culture starts with CliftonStrengths.

Organizations with strengths-based cultures succeed because:

  • They engage their employees.
  • They select managers who coach their employees to bring their best selves to work.
  • They provide an exceptional employee experience.

It's not surprising that organizations with strengths-based cultures experience higher employee engagement, retention, productivity and performance.

Because when you get the best out of your people, you get the best out of your business.

Strengths-based development helps workgroups realize up to:

29% increased profit

19% increased sales

72% lower attrition

7% higher customer engagement

Bring Strengths to Your Organization: The Best Approach Is Your Approach

Regardless of your industry, the size of your organization or your position, there's untapped potential in every company. Uncover that potential by focusing on what you're already great at.

Our strengths-based culture research has benefited organizations and their people, from:

10 to 100,000+employees

public sector and education to nonprofits and healthcare

managers and front-line workers to CEOs and coaches

Whether you're the family-owned business down the street or the corporation leading the market in your industry, a strengths-based culture is for you.

How you'd like to work with us is up to you and based on what you need. When it comes to bringing CliftonStrengths to your organization:

We can do the work for you: Our consultants and subject matter experts can tailor strengths-based, performance-oriented and engagement-focused solutions to meet the needs of your organization.

We can work together: We have been a trusted partner to hundreds of thousands of organizations for over 80 years. We can help you define your organization's goals and provide the resources and tools to guide you toward them.

You can get started on your own: If you're interested in exploring CliftonStrengths yourself, check out our assessment and learn about the report options that are best for you. With customized reporting and insights that you can implement immediately, this is a great way to get started on your own.

A good place to start, in any case, is with the manager. Good managers help organizations succeed, while poor managers act as a barrier to success. Talk to us about working with your managers and ensuring they know how to use their strengths to make their teams succeed.

Here Are Just a Few Ways We Can Help

CliftonStrengths Assessment and Reports

Harness your employees' natural talents. The CliftonStrengths assessment and associated reports reveal employees' greatest strengths and uncover a pathway for developing them into even greater assets. Elevate your teams' self-awareness, collaboration, development and performance with CliftonStrengths.

CliftonStrengths Subscription on Gallup Access

Discover tools that make your teams more effective. Take your CliftonStrengths effectiveness to the next level with a CliftonStrengths subscription on Gallup Access, our workplace success platform. A subscription to Gallup Access allows you to empower individual and team development, analyze team dynamics for more effective planning, and much more.

Training and Learning

Support employees with targeted development. Develop strengths champions who provide encouragement and expertise to teams and managers. Grow your team leaders into exceptional coaches who develop employees' strengths and foster engagement. Or advance team collaboration and alignment with our team sessions and workshops.

Custom Solutions

We meet you where you are. Customize everything from organizational culture solutions -- starting with a culture audit to set a baseline understanding of your culture -- to a CliftonStrengths rollout. Develop a unique CliftonStrengths implementation that precisely fits your circumstances.


The Best Way to Build a Culture of Strengths Is Your Way

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