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Organizations Use CliftonStrengths to Create Organic Growth

The pressure to perform is real. Month by month, quarter by quarter. Your world revolves around results.

Learn why many of the world's best companies embed a strengths-based approach throughout their cultures today so they can win for years to come.

Better Performance Starts With a Strengths-Based Culture

An organization that operates with a strengths-based culture at its core can create real organic growth.

Because when you get the best out of your people, you get the best out of your business.

Organizations with strengths-based cultures succeed because:

It's not a surprise that organizations with strengths-based cultures experience higher employee engagement, retention, productivity and performance.

Talk about a competitive advantage.

Start building your strengths-based culture today with the CliftonStrengths assessment. Or contact us to learn how we can help you create a winning culture using CliftonStrengths.

Strengths-based development helps workgroups realize up to:

increased profit

increased sales

lower attrition

higher customer engagement

It Takes 5 Steps to Build a Transformational Strengths-Based Culture

Building a strengths-based culture is more than just giving employees the CliftonStrengths assessment.

Gallup's research and experience working with the best strengths-based organizations finds that it takes a commitment to five key steps.

Step 1

Start With the CEO or Executive Sponsor

Your efforts to build a strengths-based culture hinge on leadership alignment.

A strong commitment from the top can tie your strengths-based approach to your organization's identity.

But it takes intentional effort from your executives to explain how a focus on CliftonStrengths enables your organization to achieve its purpose and objectives.

Learn more about leadership alignment.

Step 2

Give Every Employee the Opportunity to Discover Their CliftonStrengths

Your people need to know what they naturally do best and how to understand the same about their teammates.

When you give your employees the chance to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, they'll get the tools and resources to learn how to use their CliftonStrengths to succeed in their roles.

Learn more about Giving Every Employee the Opportunity to Discover Their CliftonStrengths.

Step 3

Build an Internal Network of CliftonStrengths Coaches

Everybody needs a coach. They need trusted advisers they can count on to help them use a strengths-based approach to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals.

We educate and train Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches in your organization, to be the ones your teams can count on to help individuals and teams succeed using CliftonStrengths.

Learn more about Building an Internal Network of CliftonStrengths Coaches.

Step 4

Integrate CliftonStrengths Into Performance Management

Managers face an ongoing crisis. Most of their employees aren't engaged and most say they aren't managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.

A strengths-based approach to performance development can help.

We can help you re-engineer your performance management approach and shift your managers from being bosses to being coaches.

Learn more about Integrating CliftonStrengths Into Performance Management.

Step 5

Transform Your Internal Programs

A strengths-based culture enhances the employee experience. That's why the best organizations make sure that strengths-based development is at the core of every initiative and program throughout the employee life cycle.

We can help you audit your existing programs and transform any that contradict the philosophies of a strengths-based culture.

Learn more about Transforming Your Internal Programs.

Learn More About Our Subscription-Based Solution for Building a Strengths-Based Culture

Gallup Access is a workplace platform that helps you accomplish your most important goals as a leader: engaging and developing your workforce.

Subscribing to the premium CliftonStrengths experience on Gallup Access allows you to:

  • provide the CliftonStrengths assessment to every employee
  • unlock resources for your managers to use in coaching and developing their employees
  • give teams the tools they need to know, appreciate and use their collective CliftonStrengths to accomplish their goals

Contact us to learn more about using this premium solution to build a strengths-based culture.

Building a Strengths-Based Culture Begins … Now.

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