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U.S. Social Research


To the public, Gallup is a name built on more than 80 years of measuring public opinion. But our clients know us as a partner in research design and problem solving.

We use the art and science of asking the right questions to address the issues that matter most.

Public Sector Research Solutions

Supporting Thought Leadership on the Future of the U.S.

Survey data are only as good as what you can do with them. Our expertise is research that gets results.

We combine our rigorous methodologies for top-tier research with a customized rollout strategy to make sure your findings reach the influencers, policymakers and decision-makers who most need to know them.

Our research methods include:

the Gallup Panel

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address-based sampling

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random-digit dialing


The Gallup Panel: Whom Do You Need to Hear From?

The Gallup Panel is a probability-based research panel with over 100,000 randomly selected U.S. adults who have agreed to complete surveys on a regular basis. It provides a nationally representative sample to guide the thinking and decision-making of business leaders, government officials, researchers, educators and others across the public, private and social sectors.

Descriptive image of woman smiling in front of a computer. Why is public opinion measured? Because every voice counts.

By tracking demographic information and recruiting new members to fill gaps in representation, the Gallup Panel enables custom research that targets very specific audiences so you can understand the nuances of a particular social issue or measure changes in behavior and opinions over time.

Social Research
  • study the attitudes, values and behaviors of specific populations
  • gauge reactions to major current events or issues
  • understand the effect of current or proposed legislation and policy
  • track public opinion
Market Research
  • define discrete market segments and measure brand engagement
  • assess key market drivers and test concept validity
  • develop or refine product positioning and messaging
Custom Research
  • develop and manage custom panels for ongoing proprietary research
  • study and track a sample group

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Other Methods for Understanding Public Opinion

In addition to the Gallup Panel, we also use address-based sampling (ABS) and random-digit dialing (RDD) telephone surveys to answers our clients' most pressing questions.

ABS is the current gold standard methodology for reaching randomly selected U.S. households and allows for coverage of close to 100% of all households in the U.S. It offers the distinct advantage of being able to target specific geographies and demographics of census blocks.

Our methodologists and research consultants can help you decide the method that will work best for your project.

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Gallup Gets Results

A survey without responses is a waste of time. So are findings without an audience.

We have an expert for success at every step.

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