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Q12 employee engagement survey question. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right.

Link every question to your success.

When Gallup creates a survey question, we research, "How will the responses help leaders make better people decisions?" and "Will the answers to this help companies improve their bottom line?"
Then we prove, scientifically, that each question ties to your success.

Choose from 200 Gallup-validated questions -- in 40 languages -- that scientifically link to business outcomes.

Our survey questions tie directly to performance outcomes such as productivity, profitability, turnover, retention, customer engagement, safety and absenteeism.

Questions on topics that tie to your organizational success:

Example Questions


In the last six months, someone at work has talked to me about my progress.

Why It Works

How a manager coaches employees influences how they perceive their future at your organization. If the manager helps the employee improve as an individual by providing opportunities that are in sync with the employee's talents, both the employee and the company will profit.

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There is open communication throughout all levels of my company.

Why It Works

Effective change management is crucial to retaining employees and maintaining productivity. Direct and open communication about change and how it affects each employee keeps people emotionally and psychologically committed throughout the process.

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Please share anything that would have increased your willingness to stay at our company.

Why It Works

Nearly four in 10 employees who voluntarily leave an organization say that their manager or organization could have done something to retain them. Asking both current and exiting employees this question provides insights into how to retain your top talent.

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At work, I am treated with respect.

Why It Works

Inclusive cultures create a competitive advantage by valuing all employees' unique perspectives and contributions. When individuals are respected and appreciated for who they are, they feel more comfortable contributing in innovative and authentic ways.

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At work, we give our customers new ideas.

Why It Works

When organizations build emotional connections with customers, they create returning customers. To do this, organizations need to constantly innovate to meet customers' needs and empower their front-line employees to provide new ideas.

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The leadership of my company makes me enthusiastic about the future.

Why It Works

Effective leadership is essential to remaining competitive. Ensuring that leaders can inspire and execute on a vision is imperative to employee retention and to successfully engaging human capital as a means to generate growth.

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Write your own questions with our expert assistance.

Avoid making decisions based on responses to the wrong types of questions. Self-made survey questions -- and many from other survey providers -- are often misleading, too general, biased, not tied to performance or simply confusing, giving you results that are unreliable.

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Don't waste time guessing which questions to ask. Use our proven surveys to get the insights that matter most.


Employee Engagement

The most famous employee engagement survey: See the only 12 questions you need.


Employee Experience

Create your own pulse questions, or use our bank, anytime.


Employee Experience

Does your onboarding put new employees on the path to long-term success at your company?


Employee Experience

Find out why your star employees leave to help you keep the rest.


Customer Engagement

Tie your workplace strategy to customer engagement with three quick questions for your customers.

Reduce survey fatigue and get higher response rates.

We design each survey question with your employees' time and attention in mind. We keep it short, focused and relevant.

And with Gallup's trusted name on your survey, your employees will feel confident in giving candid answers.

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