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Gallup's Latest Global Leadership Report

Find out how people in more than 130 countries viewed U.S. leadership in 2022 compared with Germany, Russia and China.

Track approval ratings over a period that included Russia's invasion of Ukraine, leadership change in Germany and the Biden administration's second year.

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Rating World Leaders Report

Each year, Gallup releases the Rating World Leaders report, which details the rise -- or fall -- in leading world powers' job approval ratings across the globe, where the biggest gains and losses came from, and how each country stacks up.

median percentage of people who approved of U.S. leadership in 2022, down from 45% in 2021


median percentage of people who approved of Russia's leadership in 2022, a new low


median percentage of people who approved of Germany's leadership 2022, down from 50% in 2021

2021 State of the Global Workplace Report

Why Is Public Perception of Global Leaders Important?

Visit the Global Leadership Approval Center to learn more about how and why Gallup tracks what the world thinks of major world powers.

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Explore Past Global Leadership Reports

Gallup has been tracking perceptions of world leaders since 2005 and publishing the Rating World Leaders report since 2015. Download previous reports to see what's changed -- and what's stayed the same -- over time.

Rating World Leaders 2022

Germany topped global approval ratings, while U.S. approval dipped slightly after U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan.

Download PDF about Rating World Leaders 2022 Report.

Rating World Leaders 2021

After sinking to record lows, worldwide approval of U.S. leadership rebounded during the first half of 2021.

Download PDFabout Rating World Leaders 2021 Report.

Rating World Leaders 2020

The U.S. started 2020 in a relatively weak position, with leadership approval ratings in the low 30s.

Download PDF about Rating World Leaders 2020 Report.