by Dan Witters and Diana Liu

Experiencing positive emotions on any given day goes up with income, but some regions reach peak positivity at lower incomes than others.

To turn customer problems into engagement opportunities, companies need efficiency, empathy and ease.

Less than half of U.S. employees strongly agree that they know what makes their company's brand different from that of competitors.

Women and men share many CliftonStrengths themes, but women rank higher in Relationship Building themes.

Americans have major problems with their well-being -- but millennials may help turn the tide.

There's a coming data revolution in higher education, but it's not the "big data" revolution that many have been hyping. This revolution will be about the voices of consumers and constituents in higher education.

Unable to transform their images with voters, the 2016 presidential candidates will likely focus on vilifying their opponent in an unprecedented race to the bottom that could agitate voters enough to turbo-boost turnout.

Despite an editorial emphasis on a "divided" Republican Party, the significant majority of rank-and-file Republicans like Donald Trump and say it's likely they will vote for him.

72% of the world smiled yesterday

A majority of workers would consider leaving for better pay. But high engagement and high well-being can help keep them around.

The persistent rise in the share of income that the top 1% in many countries hold may be hurting the life ratings of the other 99%, with concerning implications for public health and national productivity, new research has shown.

Gallup reviews its top world findings from 2015 based on surveys conducted in more than 140 countries through the Gallup World Poll.