by Frank Newport

Despite an editorial emphasis on a "divided" Republican Party, the significant majority of rank-and-file Republicans like Donald Trump and say it's likely they will vote for him.

72% of the World Smiled Yesterday

by Jon Clifton, Managing Director, Global Analytics

A majority of workers would consider leaving for better pay. But high engagement and high well-being can help keep them around.

by Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Nattavudh (Nick) Powdthavee

The persistent rise in the share of income that the top 1% in many countries hold may be hurting the life ratings of the other 99%, with concerning implications for public health and national productivity, new research has shown.

Gallup reviews its top world findings from 2015 based on surveys conducted in more than 140 countries through the Gallup World Poll.

Since its emissions scandal, the car maker has taken steps to restore its image. But it has a lot more work to do.

By Shane J. Lopez and Valerie J. Calderon
by Julie Lamski

Waiting is a nearly inevitable part of daily life, but companies can take steps to make the waiting game as painless as possible for their customers.

But all is not lost when problems occur. Companies can take steps to fix their mistakes and recover engagement.

By itself, no customer experience technology platform can provide deep insights into why customers do what they do.

Latin America Leads the World in Emotions

Burnout affects an estimated 2.7 million German employees. Better managers are the key to preventing this feeling.

Employee engagement has remained stagnant over the past decade. It's time for workers to start doing something about it.

Properly educating patients pre-surgery can boost patient satisfaction, reduce problems and improve quality of life post-surgery.

by Jon Clifton

The Swiss are the happiest people on the planet, according to a recent UN World Happiness Report. But just weeks ago, Gallup released a report suggesting that the happiest people in the world are Latin Americans. Which one is right?