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Are Migrants Happier After They Move?

In the latest World Happiness Report, researchers tackle whether migrants gain happiness from moving.


We have a legacy of visionary research on what people worldwide think about education.

Previewing Base Voter Messaging for the 2018 Elections

Democrats looking for a midterm message beyond opposing Donald Trump have a number of traditional Democratic issues to choose from. Republicans' power issue with core Republicans is immigration.

Being Too Rich Can Hurt Your Chances at Happiness

New research from psychologists at Purdue University and the University of Virginia shows that worldwide, money can buy happiness -- to a point.

Do Mobile Phones Make People Happier?

A new Gallup-GSMA study examines the relationships between the use of mobile IT devices and how people worldwide view their lives.

Do Your Measures Make Employees Mad? Or Motivate Them?

Performance measurement should inspire employees to improve. Discover how managers can motivate employees through six key areas of focus.

Gallup's Top World Findings for 2017

Gallup reviews its top global findings from 2017 based on surveys conducted in more than 140 countries through the Gallup World Poll.

What the Whole World Is Thinking

What the Whole World Is Thinking

Acceptance of Migrants Increases With Social Interaction

Acceptance of migrants depends not only on where people live, but also on the way they live their lives. The more social people are, the higher their scores are on Gallup's new Migrant Acceptance Index.

Creative Caring: A Back-to-School Success Strategy

Going back to school is better for students who know an adult at school cares about them.
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