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Acceptance of Migrants Increases With Social Interaction

Acceptance of migrants depends not only on where people live, but also on the way they live their lives. The more social people are, the higher their scores are on Gallup's new Migrant Acceptance Index.

Creative Caring: A Back-to-School Success Strategy

Going back to school is better for students who know an adult at school cares about them.

Hispanics' Emotional Well-Being During the Trump Era

Daily stress and worry among Hispanics rose after Trump's election. These increased rates were greater for Hispanics interviewed in Spanish compared with Hispanics interviewed in English.

U.S. Daily Worry Easing, but Still Up Since Trump Election

The percentage of U.S. adults experiencing daily worry has fallen 1.6 percentage points since mid-February, but is still 2.5 points higher than it was the month before the election.

Gallup Vault: Issue of Gays in Military Split Americans in 1993

In 1993, Americans had a mixed response to easing restrictions on gays serving in the military, and both sides felt strongly about their view.

Gallup 2017 Global Emotions Report

1 in 5 people worldwide experienced a lot of anger yesterday.

World Report on How People's Lives Are Going

Gallup's 2017 Global Emotions Report quantifies how the world is feeling.

How to Keep Kids Excited About School

Students become much less engaged as they move through middle school to high school.

Income Buys Happiness Differently Based on Where You Live

Experiencing positive emotions on any given day goes up with income, but some regions reach peak positivity at lower incomes than others.

The Silver Lining of Customer Problems (Part 3)

To turn customer problems into engagement opportunities, companies need efficiency, empathy and ease.
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