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Majority of Americans Remain Supportive of Euthanasia

Seventy-three percent of Americans say a doctor should be allowed to end the life of a terminally ill patient by painless means if the patient requests it -- in line with the 69% to 70% Gallup has recorded since 2013.

Euthanasia Still Acceptable to Solid Majority in U.S.

A majority of Americans continue to say a doctor should be allowed to end a patient's life by painless means if the patient requests it. Views are more divided, however, as to whether the practice of doctor-assisted suicide is morally ...

In U.S., Support Up for Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Nearly seven in 10 Americans (68%) say doctors should be legally allowed to assist terminally ill patients in committing suicide, if the patient requests it. This figure is up from 58% in 2014.

Seven in 10 Americans Back Euthanasia

As they have for the past two decades, a large majority (69%) of Americans believe a doctor should be legally able to end a patient's life through "painless means" if the patient or family requests it.

U.S. Support for Euthanasia Hinges on How It's Described

Support for making it legal for doctors to help terminally ill patients die ranges from a bare majority, 51%, to a supermajority, 70%, depending on how the question reads. Support for doctor-assisted "suicide" is down in recent years.

New Record Highs in Moral Acceptability

Americans have become more tolerant of a number of historically divisive moral issues. The issues can be grouped into five categories of moral acceptance, ranging from nearly universal acceptance to high condemnation.

Public Divided Over Moral Acceptability of Doctor-Assisted Suicide

A recent Gallup Poll finds Americans are generally divided about whether doctor-assisted suicide is morally acceptable or morally wrong. Even so, a majority of Americans believe doctors should be allowed to help a terminally ill patient commit ...

California Dreaming: Is Talk of Secession Just Politics?

California is challenging, some would say defying, Trump administration policies. Is this mere partisan politics or is secession really on the table?

Public Continues to Support Right-to-Die for Terminally Ill Patients

Gallup's annual survey on Values and Beliefs, conducted May 8-11, 2006, finds that the vast majority of Americans continue to support "right-to-die" laws for terminally ill patients. An analysis of Gallup data collected since 2003 shows that ...

Three in Four Americans Support Euthanasia

The latest Gallup annual survey on values and beliefs shows that 75% of Americans support euthanasia -- allowing a doctor to take the life of a patient who is suffering from an incurable disease and wants to die. But the survey also finds that a ...
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