by Frank Newport

Find out which of President-elect Trump's proposals are in sync with American public opinion, which are not and which fall in the middle.

by Michael Smith and Frank Newport

Find out where Americans stand on four key issues that were on the ballot in several states: marijuana legalization, the death penalty, gun control and increasing the minimum wage.

Women are more engaged at work than men are -- and female managers are better at engaging employees.

After the Supreme Court ruled 60 years ago that segregated seating on city buses was illegal, six in 10 Americans approved of the decision, but 33% did not.

by V. Lance Tarrance

The U.S. system for electing presidents is controversial, unpopular and not well understood, but has stood as the law of the land since George Washington was elected in 1789.

by Dan Witters, Frank Newport and Lydia Saad

As the presidential campaign reaches the home stretch, terrorism and immigration for Donald Trump -- and race relations and the role of government for Hillary Clinton -- may be the highest return-on-investment areas for each to discuss.

In 1975, Americans' image of the FBI was much less positive than 10 years earlier, following revelations about FBI surveillance practices.

by Michael Smith and Frank Newport

Americans are generally happy with their own healthcare, more negative than positive about the Affordable Care Act and leery of federal involvement in running healthcare.