by Frank Newport

Before the Orlando shootings, Americans indicated that military actions against the Islamic State would be among the most effective ways to fight terrorism and that restrictions on Muslims would be among the least effective.

The majority of small-business owners do not feel the presidential candidates are discussing issues of importance to them. Owners are paying close attention to the election, and half feel the outcome of the election will have a major impact on their business.

A Gallup and Access Group Study Examining Long-Term Outcomes of Graduating Law School

Organizations need to shift to new methods in risk management: survey, metadata, incentive analysis and hiring information.

by Frank Newport

Americans' reactions to the specific idea of a single-payer healthcare system tilt more positive than negative across a number of different ways of asking about it, but underlying support for the concept of a government-run healthcare system is still in the minority.

by Andrew Dugan

Gallup looks at how Americans viewed the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and the political stakes in naming a replacement.