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More Say 'Nature' Than 'Nurture' Explains Sexual Orientation

More Americans continue to believe sexual orientation is present at birth rather than a result of upbringing.

Two in Three Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage

Americans' support for legal same-sex marriage continues to increase, with the 67% supporting it in a new Gallup poll establishing a new high.

Explore Americans' Views on LGBT Issues

Over the next week, Gallup will release a series of three articles providing insight into LGBT issues.

Snapshot: Government Remains Top Problem for U.S.

Americans remain most likely to name poor leadership or government (20%) as the top U.S. problem, followed by immigration (10%) and race relations (7%).

Gallup Vault: 72% Support for Anti-Lynching Bill in 1937

Congress has never made lynching a federal crime, but Americans have long supported the passage of such a bill.

Snapshot: Average American Predicts Retirement Age of 66

On average, American nonretirees say they will retire at age 66, little changed in recent years. Those who are already retired did so on average at age 61.

Sanofi CHRO: Culture and Identity Are Two Different Things

The key is balancing employees' vital sense of identity with shared goals and cultural principles, says Sanofi CHRO Roberto Pucci.

Uninsured Rate Rises in 17 States in 2017

The uninsured rate rose by statistically significant margins in 17 states in 2017, while no states saw their uninsured rate drop compared with 2016.

California Dreaming: Is Talk of Secession Just Politics?

California is challenging, some would say defying, Trump administration policies. Is this mere partisan politics or is secession really on the table?

Paying for Medical Crises, Retirement Lead Financial Fears

Of eight common financial problems that confront people in life, Americans are most concerned about affording a major illness or accident and funding their retirement.
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