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Americans Rate China, U.S. as Leading Economic Powers

Forty-two percent of Americans consider the U.S. to be the world's leading economic power -- a higher figure than at any time since 2008. Still, the current 42% for the U.S. roughly matches the 44% naming China.

Gallup Vault: Executing Drug-Dealers Unpopular in 1987 Poll

Thirty years ago, Gallup found fewer than one in two Americans (38%) favored the death penalty for persons convicted of dealing drugs but not of murder.

Most U.S. Teachers Oppose Carrying Guns in Schools

Most U.S. teachers are opposed to arming school teachers and staff as a way to prevent casualties in school shootings. Nearly one in five teachers would choose to carry a gun at school.

How to Reduce Spans of Control in Nursing

Learn how to manage nurses' spans of control to improve employee engagement in your healthcare organization.

Broad Agreement on Most Ideas to Curb School Shootings

A majority of Americans favor a number of different proposals to prevent school shootings, but less than half favor arming teachers.

How HR Leaders in Healthcare Can Create Value During M&A

Learn how HR leaders can manage change for a smooth transition during mergers and acquisitions.

U.S. Preference for Stricter Gun Laws Highest Since 1993

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. adults say the laws covering firearm sales should be stricter, up from 60% last fall and the highest since 1993.

Why Healthcare Leaders Should Build a Culture of Development

Learn why performance development is the key to better healthcare business outcomes -- and how to embed it in your organization's culture.

2 Remedies for Reducing Burnout Among Healthcare Workers

Learn how a comprehensive approach to well-being and employee engagement can help healthcare workers deliver exceptional patient care.

How to Protect Your Best Asset: The Caregivers

Learn how to better meet employee needs and improve patient outcomes.
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