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Support for Active Government Up in U.S.

Americans are more likely now than they've been in almost two decades to want the government to take an active role in solving the nation's problems.

Public Still Prefers One-Party Control to Divided Government

A third of Americans favor one party controlling both the White House and Congress, a slight dip from 2016 but higher than the 25% who prefer divided government.

Perceived Need for Third Major Party Remains High in U.S.

About six in 10 Americans continue to say a third major political party is needed, while 34% say the Republican and Democratic parties adequately represent the people.

Republican Party Favored to Keep U.S. Safe, Prosperous

Americans favor the Republican Party over the Democratic Party to keep the U.S. safe from terrorism and, more narrowly, to keep the country prosperous.

Democrats Regain Edge in Party Favorable Ratings

Americans again have a significantly more positive opinion of the Democratic Party than the Republican Party, after the parties were essentially tied in May.

Trump's Leadership Qualities Assessed a Year Later

As was the case in 2016, Donald Trump scores highest on the leadership dimensions of being competitive, intense and emphasizing success, and does least well on being prepared, consistent and analytical.

Democrats' Confidence in Mass Media Rises Sharply From 2016

Democrats' confidence in the mass media has risen sharply to 72% in 2017, while Republicans' confidence remains low.

Trust in Judicial Branch Up, Executive Branch Down

Americans' trust in the judicial branch of the federal government is up from last year and remains above trust in the legislative and executive branches.

More Back U.S. Military Action vs. North Korea Than in 2003

A majority in the U.S. favors military action against North Korea if peaceful means don't resolve things, a shift from 2003. Half still say diplomacy can work.

Slim Majority Approves of Trump's Handling of the Economy

President Donald Trump's 51% approval rating for handling the economy is his highest on four key issues and is his first to reach majority level on any issue to date.
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