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Despite rabid disagreements on many issues, the recent economic speeches by Trump and Clinton showed areas of agreement on economic policy, including several areas in which both candidates are in sync with American public opinion.

In dueling speeches this week, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talked about several of the key issues the public has identified as most important to them -- including the economy and jobs, infrastructure and the failure of the "system" to work as it should.

by Frank Newport

Donald Trump's policy proposals and actions over his first 100 days in office have a mixed relationship to American public opinion.

by Frank Newport

Several aspects of Donald Trump's broad themes as he takes over the presidency fit well with general trends in U.S. public opinion.

I work in Technology Infrastructure at Gallup, a stimulating and rewarding career in a multitude of ways. It's also the case that my division is 96% male -- only three of 75 associates are women, including me. How did I choose a career in such a male-dominated sector? My story is unique, but it doesn't have to be.

Communities that invest in bike paths, parks, walkability and public transit have more success in key aspects of well-being.

One of Gallup's core missions is to measure and understand the attitudes of the American public on key policy issues of the day. In pursuit of that goal, Gallup recently began cataloging Americans' attitudes about the potential effectiveness of specific proposals to fix the economy.

by Frank Newport

President-elect Donald Trump faces the challenges of figuring out the proper role of government, making government work more efficiently and dealing with the people's overwhelming disrespect for Congress and its members.

In updating the Findex database on financial inclusion over the 2014 calendar year, I had the pleasure of traveling with Gallup to pilot our expanded questionnaire. We visited people's homes and asked them to describe to us how they save, borrow, make payments, and manage their risk.