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In the News: Public Backs More Infrastructure Spending

The Trump administration's infrastructure plan released on Monday calls for substantially increased spending, which a majority of Americans support.

Further Explanation Needed: Four State of the Union Themes

The American public would benefit from more discussion and explanation of four of the major themes in President Trump's recent State of the Union address.

Americans' Take on 8 Themes in Trump's State of the Union

Gallup editors review Americans' stances on eight policy issues that President Donald Trump emphasized in his State of the Union address.

Americans Say "Yes" to Spending More on VA, Infrastructure

Americans overwhelmingly agree with proposals to allow veterans to get healthcare at non-Veterans Affairs facilities, and to spend more federal money on the VA in general. Americans also widely agree with spending more federal money on ...

Gallup's Top Well-Being Discoveries of 2016

Gallup editors highlight the most important health and well-being findings from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index in 2016.

Africans' Satisfaction With Community Basics Remains Low

Among the African countries Gallup has surveyed every year since 2008, South Africans remain the most satisfied with various aspects of their local infrastructure; Tanzanians are least satisfied.

Trump, Clinton and Americans Agree on Several Economic Issues

Despite rabid disagreements on many issues, the recent economic speeches by Trump and Clinton showed areas of agreement on economic policy, including several areas in which both candidates are in sync with American public opinion.

Good News: Trump and Clinton Both Addressed the Public's Key Concerns

In dueling speeches this week, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talked about several of the key issues the public has identified as most important to them -- including the economy and jobs, infrastructure and the failure of the "system" to ...

Untapped Human Capital Is the Next Great Global Resource

Leaders worldwide have realized that they must make better use of their most vital and sustainable resource: human capital.

Americans Still See Manufacturing as Key to Job Creation

Americans' top ideas for creating jobs in the U.S. include keeping manufacturing jobs from going overseas, lowering taxes and cutting government regulation.
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