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One in Four Americans Feel U.S. Children Are Not Respected

About one in four Americans say children are not treated with respect and dignity, ranking the U.S. in the bottom one-third of wealthy OECD economies.

Evangelicals and Trump

Two-thirds of highly religious white Protestants approve of the job Trump is doing as president, and they are likely to continue barring major policy changes.

Fewer in U.S. See Middle East Conflict as Critical Threat

A record low 36% of Americans view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a critical threat to U.S. interests.

Americans Remain Staunchly in Israel's Corner

Americans continue to favor Israel far more than the Palestinians, while Republicans' sympathies for Israel have climbed to a record 87%.

North Korea, Cyberterrorism Top Threats to U.S.

About four in five Americans believe that North Korean nuclear weapons and cyberterrorism each pose critical threats to the United States.

Snapshot: A Third in U.S. Say United Nations Doing a Good Job

Roughly a third of Americans say the United Nations is doing a good job of trying to solve the problems it has faced, consistent with recent Gallup polling.

Americans Like Canada Most, North Korea Least

Americans have the most favorable opinion of Canada, but this ally and others have soured considerably on U.S. leadership since 2016.

In the News: Netanyahu's Image Improved Before Controversy

Before the latest corruption allegations against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 52% of Israelis approved of him and 49% of Americans viewed him favorably.

Countries Disapproving of U.S. Leadership Triples in 2017

The number of countries where majorities disapprove of U.S. leadership jumped from 15 in 2016 to 53 in 2017. Key Western allies are among those with the worst opinions of U.S. leadership.

Americans Mixed on Whether Trump Has Met Their Expectations

Americans are split on how Donald Trump's job performance compares with their expectations for him, though the largest share (44%) say it's what they expected.
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