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Standard of Living Ratings Rise During Obama Presidency
Americans' ratings of their standard of living, a key aspect of financial well-being, have improved during Barack Obama's presidency. Americans are more likely to be satisfied with their current standard of living and to say it is improving.
Americans Less Likely to See U.S. as No. 1 Militarily
About half of Americans now think the U.S. is the world's No.1 military power, down from last year, and by one percentage point the lowest Gallup has measured over the past quarter century.
Almost Gone -- Gallup Reviews Boehner's Standing With Public
Retiring House Speaker John Boehner leaves office an unpopular figure. His historical favorable ratings are lower than those for the last five speakers, except Newt Gingrich.
U.S. Economic Confidence Steady at -14
Gallup's Economic Confidence Index held steady at -14 last week, maintaining the slight gains it made the prior week.
Economic Confidence Still Highest in D.C. in 2013
Gallup's Economic Confidence Index rose in all but five states in 2013. West Virginia remained the least confident state, while Massachusetts, along with the District of Columbia, was the most confident.
U.S. Job Creation Flat in January
Gallup's Job Creation Index held steady in January at +19. There was no change in hiring of private-sector or government workers.
Americans' Moods Still Improve on Holidays and Weekends
Americans' self-reported daily happiness, on average, ticked up slightly in 2013. Thanksgiving was the happiest day, while the most stressful days often coincided with negative news events, such as the federal budget sequestration.
Obama's Job Approval Declined Steadily Throughout 2013
President Obama wrapped up 2013 with an average 41% job approval rating in December, unchanged from November. His monthly job approval dropped almost continuously throughout 2013, falling 11 percentage points since January.'s Top Stories of 2013
The most important stories on in 2013 span politics, well-being, the economy, and education.
U.S. Economic Confidence Rising, but Still Negative
Gallup's Economic Confidence Index was -17 last week, the best since September, but still below the -3 found in early June. Americans are much more positive about current conditions and the economy's direction than during the shutdown.

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