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Four in 10 Russians Confident in Honesty of Their Elections

With accusations swirling about their country's alleged meddling in other nations' elections, Russians' confidence in the honesty of their own elections reached a high of 40% in 2017.

Americans, Particularly Democrats, Dislike Russia

Americans view Russia more unfavorably now than they have in three decades. Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to view Russia favorably.

Ukrainians, Russians More Polarized on Future of Relations

Nearly four years into the conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists, Ukrainians are more polarized now about their relations with Russia than they were when the fighting began.

North Korea Surges to Top of U.S. Enemies List

Just over half of Americans cite North Korea as the United States' greatest enemy, more than triple the percentage who said this in 2016.

The American Public in 2017: What We Learned

Gallup editors' picks for the most significant trends and discoveries in American public opinion in 2017.

Russians Happier With Putin Than With Country's Direction

Russians are less likely than they have been in years to believe their country's leadership is taking them in the right direction, but their unshakable approval of President Vladimir Putin almost assures him re-election in March.

Better Relations With U.S. Not Top Priority for Russians

Russians are more likely to say it is important for Russia to act firmly with the U.S. (52%) than to say it is important for the countries to have good relations (29%). Few expect relations to get worse under President Donald Trump.

Putin's Already Negative U.S. Image Worsens

Russian President Vladimir Putin's favorable rating has dropped since February, among both Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Putin's favorability has remained low for the past four years.

Gallup Vault: Telling America's Story to Russians in 1947

The United States' decision to direct Voice of America broadcasts to Russia at the start of the Cold War met with considerable skepticism among Americans who doubted these would be effective, or even reach their target.

Russians See Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor

The majority of Russians (68%) say that the difference between rich and poor people in Russia has increased in the past five years.
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