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In the News: Americans' Views of the FBI

Despite being criticized by President Donald Trump and others, the FBI maintained a 58% excellent/good rating from Americans in December, unchanged from 2014.

Gallup Vault: J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI and American Communists

In 1954, most Americans thought that if J. Edgar Hoover were to say that the FBI had most of the American communists under its eye, they would feel pretty sure it was true.

Gallup Vault: In 1975, an FBI Under Fire

In 1975, Americans' image of the FBI was much less positive than 10 years earlier, following revelations about FBI surveillance practices.

Comey Firing Nets More Negative Reaction Than 1993 FBI Firing

Nearly half of Americans (46%) oppose President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, while 39% approve. In contrast, more Americans approved than disapproved of President Bill Clinton firing his FBI director in 1993.

To Many Americans, News About Clinton Equals "Emails"

To a remarkable degree, Americans -- now and in the past -- think about "emails" when asked what they have heard or read about Hillary Clinton.

Republicans Push Government Agency Ratings Up, but Not FBI

Republicans' ratings of the job performance of most government agencies have improved since 2014, pushing many overall agency ratings higher.

Americans' Perceptions of Local Crime Slightly Improved

Perceptions of local crime have improved modestly since last year, while perceptions of national crime are stable.

Perceptions of Clinton's Honesty Unchanged After FBI Letter

About one in three Americans view Hillary Clinton (32%) and Donald Trump (36%) as honest and trustworthy. These perceptions have been stable throughout the campaign.

The American Public in 2017: What We Learned

Gallup editors' picks for the most significant trends and discoveries in American public opinion in 2017.

Satisfaction With Direction of U.S. Down in March

The 28% of Americans who say they are satisfied with the direction of the U.S. in March is down from the 36% recorded in February.
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