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A new Gallup report finds four themes collectively describe millennials: unattached, connected, unconstrained and idealistic.

Financial leaders need to find digital-ready customers and then increase their adoption of digital channels.

Engaging millennial employees dramatically decreases the likelihood that they will change companies.

The two major decisions recently handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court have very direct relationships to public opinion. One of the decisions fits well with majority public opinion. The other, in a broad sense, does not.

Cleveland Clinic President and CEO Delos Cosgrove, M.D., outlined in a recent LinkedIn post the cultural shift presently underway at Cleveland Clinic in which every single Cleveland Clinic employee -- from housekeepers to the neurosurgeons -- understands his or her role as caregivers. As a member of the Gallup team partnering with Cleveland Clinic to make the shift from "employees" to "caregivers," I can say that creating transformative change in an organization steeped in tradition is considerably more challenging than Dr. Cosgrove makes it sound.

To successfully navigate the Great Recession, this Southern bank has emphasized associate engagement -- and seen remarkable results.

For companies to get the most out of their supplier relationships, they must aim to emotionally engage suppliers and become a "customer of choice."

You can't always trust your brain to make the right calls -- and you can't trust your gut either. It's much better to develop solid data and use them to inform your decisions.

These enterprises face a big problem: Who will run their companies in the future? Those that neglect formal succession-planning processes and leadership development risk making bad decisions.