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1 in 5 people worldwide experienced a lot of anger yesterday.

51% of U.S. adults would change at least one of their education decisions.

43% of students agree that their school offers classes in how to start and run a business

Hopeful students are 4.1x more likely to be engaged with school.

51% of employees are actively looking for a new job or watching for new job openings.

70% of women worldwide prefer to have paid jobs

Learn how to optimize employee performance at your organization.

45% of female employees want to become a senior manager or leader

Per capita GDP has grown 1% per year from 2007 to 2015

71% of millennials are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work

16% of college graduates who visited their career services office report the office was very helpful.

Top-quartile business units have 50% higher revenue/sales than those in the bottom quartile.

40% of K-12 schools have no computer science class

Exploring why girls, blacks and Hispanics are underrepresented in the field of computer science

U.S. leadership gets highest approval ratings, Russia lowest

Only 28% of Malaysian banking customers are fully engaged

61% of Thai banking customers are indifferent to their primary bank

The relationship between B2C customer engagement and organizational outcomes

Billions worldwide are giving back to their communities