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A significant portion of each generation has substantial consumer debt of several different kinds.

Though four in 10 report carrying no consumer debt, Gen Xers -- followed by millennials -- carry considerable debt.

To engage millennials, financial leaders need first to understand what is -- and isn't -- true about their banking behaviors.

Americans' trust that companies will protect their personal information has declined significantly during the past year.

Gallup's latest hospitality study reveals the preferences of the up-and-coming generations of guests -- who, through their sheer numbers, could reshape the industry.

Baby Boomers and Gen X employees are distinctly less engaged than others -- and they make up 88% of the U.S. workforce. Here's what to do about this problem.

News flash: Your team's chats around the water cooler aren't necessarily time wasters. Gallup research shows that socializing is good for your employees' wellbeing -- and your company's performance.

"Millennials are among the savviest of shoppers, and they're poised to spend more on their purchases," says one retail expert. These young consumers use a variety of shopping channels, posing huge challenges to retailers who want to target them.

"I think the last time I had a land line, it was in my dorm room in college." So says at least one 24-year old. Is he representative of a growing trend in phone usage? New research by The Gallup Panel reveals the answer to this and other questions.