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Employees across generations have a shared need for clear expectations in the workplace.

Americans' recollections of what they heard about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this week included many references to the New York and New Jersey bombings. By late in the week, references to Clinton in conjunction with the coming debate were frequent.

The last major-party presidential nominee who refused to participate in a debate was Jimmy Carter in 1980. Most voters disapproved of his decision, but it may have helped Ronald Reagan establish his kinder, gentler persona.

B2Bs need a sales strategy that is advisory, is tailored to each customer and provides valuable insights through analytics.

by Lance Tarrance

Presidential debates aren't always pivotal in campaigns, but they can be -- and they are always high theater. The elements are in place for 2016 to be one of those times the debates really matter.

A Gallup study proves the business benefits of strengths-based development for employees.

by Jim Clifton

Twenty-five million U.S. adults are invisible in media coverage of the widely reported 4.9% official unemployment rate.

A contradiction among millennials: This generation is extremely digitally connected, yet unattached to institutions and employers.