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For B2B companies, striving to become a "customer of choice" for their suppliers is essential to engaging their own customers.

Mexico City looks to build its economy by identifying and developing high school students with high entrepreneurial talent.

Quantitative measures uncover only so much about the relationships between a B2B company and its customers.

The most successful B2B companies take specific and proven steps to align their purpose, brand and culture.

Countless companies say they have a customer-centric culture and clear identity. But Gallup finds that few actually do.

Gallup data suggest that carrying debt does not, by itself, have much of an impact on Americans' financial worries.

Americans who carry debt have many financial worries and are more likely than others to try cutting costs and raising money.

German management culture doesn't emphasize effective people management -- and the results show in low engagement nationwide.

Most German employees say performance appraisals don't meet the goal of actually improving their performance.

Workers who are not engaged or actively disengaged cost the German economy up to 287.1 billion euros annually in lost productivity.

Customer impact means making major changes in a customer's business that significantly improve its bottom line.

Leaders can use several methods to influence employees and monitor risk.

To fill positions with the most talented candidates, leaders need to use the right sourcing tactics.

One in five B2B customers have experienced a problem with a company or product -- and only 40% of these say the problem was resolved.

Worker burnout and stress cost German employers more than 9 billion euros in lost productivity annually.

Organizations need to shift to new methods in risk management: survey, metadata, incentive analysis and hiring information.

Companies are increasingly using pulse surveys for employee feedback. But administering them for the wrong reasons can be useless.

Companies can take specific actions to build stronger account teams and get much more business from existing customers.

A significant portion of each generation has substantial consumer debt of several different kinds.

The very best business-to-business companies put their customers at the core of everything they do.