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Asia Pacific

Across most of the world, the percentage of adults with great jobs rarely tops 10%

The Gallup Blog
by Jon Clifton

Nearly 150 million people -- or 4% of the world's adult population -- want to move to the U.S.

The Gallup Blog
by Jon Clifton

Americans' feeling of freedom is declining. This drop -- dramatic in the U.S. -- isn't happening in other wealthy democracies.

Worldwide, Where Do People Feel Safe? Not in Latin America

1 in 5 people worldwide experienced a lot of anger yesterday.

72% of the world smiled yesterday

The Gallup Blog
by Jon Clifton

Gallup's 2017 Global Emotions Report quantifies how the world is feeling.

26% Worldwide Employed Full Time for Employer

The United Nations launches its "World Happiness Report" today. Leaders should pay close attention to the results.

The earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 devastated a fragile country that was already vulnerable from a combination of a high population density, poverty, old and poorly constructed buildings and extensive corruption.

Employee Engagement Insights and Advice for Global Business Leaders

Global Leaders -- Make "Great Job" Creation a Top Priority