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Baby Boomers

Gallup data suggest that carrying debt does not, by itself, have much of an impact on Americans' financial worries.

A significant portion of each generation has substantial consumer debt of several different kinds.

Though four in 10 report carrying no consumer debt, Gen Xers -- followed by millennials -- carry considerable debt.

To engage millennials, financial leaders need first to understand what is -- and isn't -- true about their banking behaviors.

When employees leave a company, many often take valuable attributes like knowledge and experience with them. But departing employees might also walk off with something more intangible: a piece of the company's established corporate culture.

Americans' trust that companies will protect their personal information has declined significantly during the past year.

Millennials are significantly less likely than all other generations to be engaged with their primary insurer.

Fully engaged boomer customers are more likely to consolidate their lucrative accounts and investments with their primary bank.

Boomer spending is on the rebound. But marketers should take note: older and younger boomers are spending differently.

Here's why baby boomers want to start businesses -- and what their ventures need to succeed and thrive.

Boomers are leaving companies at a steady pace -- and many businesses appear largely unprepared for their impending absence.

Baby boomers are working longer, either by choice or financial necessity. But not all of them must remain in full-time roles.

by Art Swift launched a series last year exploring the largest generation of Americans, those born from 1946 through 1964 -- the baby boomers. As this segment of the population continues to mature through middle age and considers retirement, we decided once again to look at how the "silver tsunami" will affect the workforce, the healthcare system and the world.

Age, generation, gender, education level and tenure, among other things, all relate to a worker's engagement.