by Anna Herforth and Andrew Rzepa

Diet quality has massive implications for the health of people of all ages, classes and genders in every country and in every part of the globe. But do we really know what people around the world are eating, and how do we find out?

Unemployment can be particularly devastating for young adults in high-income countries.

Americans are generally happy with their own healthcare, more negative than positive about the Affordable Care Act and leery of federal involvement in running healthcare.

Communities that invest in bike paths, parks, walkability and public transit have more success in key aspects of well-being.

In 1956, as President Dwight Eisenhower faced his second health crisis in a year, many Americans questioned whether he was fit to serve another term, but most were reluctant to say his health should be a "campaign issue."

Americans have major problems with their well-being -- but millennials may help turn the tide.