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German management culture doesn't emphasize effective people management -- and the results show in low engagement nationwide.

Most German employees say performance appraisals don't meet the goal of actually improving their performance.

Workers who are not engaged or actively disengaged cost the German economy up to 287.1 billion euros annually in lost productivity.

Worker burnout and stress cost German employers more than 9 billion euros in lost productivity annually.

Some of the discoveries Gallup made in 2015 about managers and their employees could shape workplaces for years to come.

Only four in 10 German employees strongly agree that their manager focuses on their strengths or positive characteristics.

Helping employees set and achieve goals is a manager's key responsibility. But many managers don't really own this task.

Burnout affects an estimated 2.7 million German employees. Better managers are the key to preventing this feeling.

German managers aren't creating environments in which employees feel motivated.

Engagement among German workers has long been dismal. Now, disengagement is on the downswing. That's good news. But the country's leaders can make things even better for the workforce.