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How Does the Gallup Student Poll Work?

How Does the Gallup Student Poll Work?

What is the Gallup Student Poll?

The Gallup Student Poll is a landmark survey that captures the voice of young people in the U.S., a necessary but too often missing part of the national dialogue about student performance and success. The Gallup Student Poll measures the engagement, hope, entrepreneurial aspiration and career and financial literacy of students in fifth through 12th grade across America.

The poll's results supply teachers, administrators, and community leaders with data that they can use to inform strategies for building school engagement and student success.

How are interviews conducted for the Gallup Student Poll?

Gallup conducts the interviews through a Web-based survey. In the fall of each year, students from a convenience sample of schools and districts complete the online poll. Students in public schools and districts can participate in the Gallup Student Poll for a nominal fee during a designated field period. The survey is available during school hours Tuesday through Friday only. Gallup does not randomly select schools for participation in the annual poll, or give incentives, apart from providing school-specific data to participating schools.

How many people are interviewed as part of the Gallup Student Poll?

Over the past decade, Gallup has administered the survey to over 5.5 million public school students.

How often is the Gallup Student Poll conducted?

Gallup conducts the Student Poll once in the fall of each school year.

Are Gallup Student Poll samples weighted?

Gallup does not weight the Student Poll samples because the samples are not randomly drawn from a larger population; they are instead a convenience sample of participating schools and students. School and district data and scorecards provide meaningful data for local comparisons and can inform strategic initiatives and programming, though the results are not generalizable beyond the participating school or district.

Where can I learn more about the Gallup Student Poll?

To learn more about how your school can register to participate in the Gallup Student Poll, visit our site.

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