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A Look at Two Hot Spots: Russia and Myanmar

Julie Ray and RJ Reinhart discuss what we've learned measuring Russians' frustrations with corruption and lack of economic opportunity and how residents of Myanmar felt about personal freedoms and election security before the coup.

Majority of Americans Now Consider Russia a Critical Threat

Americans' views of Russia are the most negative of the post-Soviet Union period. A record high 73% view Russia unfavorably and 32% consider it the United States' greatest enemy.

Will Wariness of China or Russia Sway More Voters in 2020?

The presidential candidates are delivering potent messages about China and Russia, reminding their respective base voters what's at stake in November.

Unpopular Russia Still Looms Large Over Ukraine Elections

Five years after losing Crimea to Russia, and with no clear end to fighting between Ukraine's government and Russian-backed separatists in the East, Russia's leadership has few fans left in Ukraine.

Britons' Approval of U.S. Leadership at New Low

The 15% of Britons who approve of U.S. leadership in 2020 represents a record low not only for the Trump administration, but also for any U.S. administration since 2006. Britons also do not think highly of Russia's leadership (17%) or China's ...

Environment Efforts: Which Countries Are Falling Short?

More than six in 10 people worldwide were satisfied in 2020 with efforts in their countries to preserve the environment. But not everyone was this content, including majorities in several top carbon-emitting countries.

Republicans More Positive on U.S. Relations With Russia

Republicans are more likely than Democrats to consider Russia an ally or friendly to the U.S., 40% to 25%.

Record 20% of Russians Say They Would Like to Leave Russia

A new high of 20% of Russians say they would leave Russia if they could -- and Russian President Vladimir Putin might be partly to blame.

Image of U.S. Leadership Now Poorer Than China's

After tumbling to a record-low 30% during the first year of Donald Trump's presidency, the approval of U.S. leadership is still as poor in his second, while China and Russia are gaining ground.

Americans, Particularly Democrats, Dislike Russia

Americans view Russia more unfavorably now than they have in three decades. Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to view Russia favorably.
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