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The State of World Happiness in 2019

In addition to providing country rankings of life evaluations, World Happiness Report 2019 focuses on happiness and community.

Tracking the World's Happiness

Learn how the Sustainable Development Solutions Network uses the Gallup World Poll to track the happiest countries.

Global Happiness Center

Gallup tracks how people are feeling and how satisfied they are with their lives.

Strategic Communications

We gather the data to answer your most pressing questions. And then we make sure people know what you found.

Establishing Thought Leaders

What is a research partner best at? We use credible data and strategic communications to connect your discoveries with the people who need to know them.

Working Together to Change the World

Read success stories about our work with SDSN, the World Bank, Knight Foundation, West Health, Lumina Foundation, Gates Foundation and Omidyar Network.

Reporting on the Will of the World

Explore public sector insights from our global and U.S. social research.

Gallup's Migration Research Center

Gallup's Migration Research Center houses the latest and best discoveries on migration.

Are Migrants Happier After They Move?

In the latest World Happiness Report, researchers tackle whether migrants gain happiness from moving.

Happiness Not Quite as Widespread as Usual in the U.S.

The vast majority of Americans report being "very" or "fairly happy," but the latest figure is the lowest Gallup has recorded in over 71 years.
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