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Higher Support for Gender Affirmative Action Than Race

While a majority of Americans support affirmative action programs for women and racial minorities, more favor programs for women. Whites are less likely than blacks or Hispanics to support either type of affirmative action.

Fewer in U.S. Say Men and Women Have Equal Job Opportunities

About half of all U.S. adults (52%) feel that women and men have equal job opportunities, down slightly from 57% in 2008 when Gallup last asked this question.

In U.S., Most Reject Considering Race in College Admissions

Americans prefer that colleges evaluate applicants solely on merit rather than taking into account a student's racial or ethnic background to promote diversity on college campuses, by 67% to 28%. Blacks are divided on the issue.

Graduates Exposed to Diversity Believe Degree More Valuable

Recent U.S. college graduates who interacted with people from different backgrounds on a regular basis during their undergraduate experience are more likely to believe their college degree was worth the cost.

The Economy, Jobs and Dysfunctional Government

Americans are clearly focused on the economy, jobs and dysfunctional government as major problems facing the nation today. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can do well to provide specifics on how they would address these issues.

Trust in U.S. Judicial Branch Sinks to New Low of 53%

The percentage of Americans expressing trust in the judicial branch of the federal government has fallen eight percentage points to a new low of 53% this year. Trust in the legislative and executive branches inched up slightly.

Race, Ideology, and Support for Affirmative Action

Affirmative action programs remain one of the more controversial social policies in the United States. The Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that race can be a factor in college admissions, as long as it is not the overriding factor. As a whole, the ...

Americans' Approval of Supreme Court Near All-Time Low

Americans' approval of the Supreme Court, at 43%, is near the all-time low, with support from Republicans (31%) and independents (39%) down from last fall. Chief Justice John Roberts' favorability rating continues to decline.

Blacks: Whites Have Advantage in College Admissions

Financial considerations aside, access to a college education depends on an intricate combination of factors including grades, college entrance test scores, class rank, course of study, quality of the high school attended, and extracurricular ...

Malaysian Elections Underscore Ethnic Tension

Growing dissent among ethnic Chinese and Indians citizens is one of the key issues in Malaysia’s March 8 election. A Gallup Poll of Malaysia reveals significant gaps in attitudes between ethnic Chinese and Indians and the majority ethnic Malay ...
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