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U.S. Employee Engagement Reverts Back to Pre-COVID-19 Levels

Read the latest update on employee engagement in the U.S. -- view the ups and downs of 2020 and what they might mean.

U.S. Employee Engagement Hits New High After Historic Drop

Employee engagement continues uncharacteristic fluctuations, jumping to a new high.

Historic Drop in Employee Engagement Follows Record Rise

Following over a decade of steady growth, the employee engagement rate has declined alarmingly. Learn how crisis conditions have influenced this.

U.S. Employee Engagement Rises Following Wild 2020

After the greatest fluctuation Gallup has recorded, employee engagement in 2020 finishes slightly above 2019 levels -- and 2021 starts even stronger.

The Powerful Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Team Performance

Download highlights from the world's largest study of employee engagement and performance.

Employee Engagement Continues Historic Rise Amid Coronavirus

38% of U.S. workers are engaged -- the highest since Gallup began tracking the metric in 2000.

Your Employee Engagement Program Isn't Working -- Now What?

Consider both immediate and long-term actions when it comes to your employee engagement strategy.

How to Improve Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Learn how to improve employee engagement. Discover the true drivers of engagement, the best survey questions and team activity ideas.

Gallup Q12® Meta-Analysis

Download the report on Gallup's 10th employee engagement meta-analysis — the world's largest study of the connection between engagement and performance.

10 Ways Leaders Can Improve Engagement and Wellbeing

Leaders can make a big difference in their workers' performance and lives when they connect employee engagement to holistic wellbeing.
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