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The Customer Satisfaction Crisis: Solve It With 3 Strategies

Customer satisfaction is at near-historic lows. Solve the workplace's biggest problem by following these three steps for customer engagement.

The Real Global Jobs Crisis

Traditional metrics overlook a hidden jobs crisis threatening workplaces worldwide. Are leaders prepared to rethink life at work?

U.S. Employee Engagement Reaches New High in March

Employee engagement among U.S. workers reached a new high in March, when an average of 34.1% were engaged. The previous high in Gallup's five-year trend was 33.8% in March 2011.

How Clarity of Purpose Turned Crisis Into Opportunity

Every organization handled the pandemic differently -- some for better and some for worse. See how Hologic's response exemplified its purpose.

Lessons in Engagement: Buoying the German Economy

Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, faces a labor shortage and stagnating economy. Learn how engagement can help the country remain successful.

3 Reasons to Gather Employee Feedback During Disruption

It's tempting to press pause on an employee survey during disruption. Here's why you shouldn't.

Eastern Europe: Internet Offers Lifeline to Women in Ukraine

Gallup World Poll Regional Director Galina Zapryanova discusses the challenges for women in the former Soviet states and Eastern Europe on International Women's Day 2023.

Why Trust in Leaders Is Faltering and How to Gain It Back

Trust in leadership is falling. See why trust is essential for employees and what the best leaders do to build it.

Is Quiet Quitting Real?

Discover what's behind this viral trend — and what employers can do about it.

A Culture of Consistent, Genuine Care at Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski is dedicated to building a workplace where employees come first, employee engagement takes priority, and the employee voice carries weight.
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