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Fiscal Cliff "Fix" Means Recession Looms Larger

As the U.S. fiscal cliff morphs into a new federal debt ceiling confrontation over the first couple of months in 2013, it is essential that corporate management focuses on the behavioral economic impact -- not political score keeping. Last ...

Americans See Fiscal Cliff as Harmful to U.S., Own Finances

Americans generally agree that failure to avoid the fiscal cliff would negatively affect the U.S. as a whole, as well as their personal financial situation. They are most likely to view the proposed tax increases as harmful to the U.S.

Businesses Must Prepare for the Fiscal Cliff

Washington is engaged in a game of "chicken" over automatic tax increases and spending cuts that is not only hurting the current economy but also threatening another recession -- or worse -- next year. Business leaders need to plan in case there ...

Ryan Addition, Fiscal Cliff Could Halt Economy

The addition of Paul Ryan to the Romney presidential ticket is going to greatly increase the political focus on Medicare, Social Security, the federal budget deficit, and the fiscal cliff. In turn, just the intensity of these important national ...

U.S. Investors Grow More Pessimistic as Fiscal Cliff Looms

The Wells Fargo/Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism Index dipped to -8 in November, as U.S. investors see the fiscal cliff already slowing the economy and 70% feel going over the cliff will spark another deep recession in 2013.

Gallup Tracks New Fiscal Cliff Questions

Americans want compromise on the "fiscal cliff."

Americans Urge Congress, the President to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

More than eight in 10 Americans say it is extremely or very important for Congress and President Obama to agree on a plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff." A majority want both sides to compromise equally, but few have faith they will.

Congress Approval Remains at 18% During Fiscal Cliff Debate

Americans' approval of Congress remains steady at 18% in December amid the fiscal cliff debate, but is still below the historical average of 33%. The gap between Republicans' and Democrats' approval of Congress widened to seven percentage ...

More Than Six in 10 in U.S. Paying Attention to Fiscal Cliff

Sixty-two percent of Americans are closely following news about the fiscal cliff negotiations, little changed over the past month. Americans continue to believe that failure to reach an agreement would be harmful.

Obama Rated Best for Handling Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Americans rate President Barack Obama's handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations much more positively than they rate House Speaker John Boehner or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the same negotiations.
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