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Two in Three Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage

Americans' support for legal same-sex marriage continues to increase, with the 67% supporting it in a new Gallup poll establishing a new high.

Majority Remains Satisfied With Acceptance of Gays in U.S.

A majority of Americans remain satisfied with the acceptance of gays and lesbians in the U.S., but 23% are dissatisfied because they seek more acceptance.

More Say 'Nature' Than 'Nurture' Explains Sexual Orientation

More Americans continue to believe sexual orientation is present at birth rather than a result of upbringing.

U.S. Support for Gay Marriage Edges to New High

Sixty-four percent of Americans say same-sex marriages should be recognized as legally valid. Although not meaningfully different from the 61% last year, it is the highest percentage in Gallup's trend dating back to 1996.

On Moral Issues, Not All Protestants Are Created Equal

Protestants who identify with "mainline" denominations are distinctly more liberal on moral issues than are Baptists, Pentecostals and those identifying with nondenominational Protestant groups.

Americans' Support for Gay Marriage Remains High, at 61%

Sixty-one percent of Americans say that marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by the law as valid, consistent with the 58% and 60% recorded in 2015.

Above All Issues, Abortion Divides Liberals, Conservatives

While social liberals and social conservatives differ in their views of most moral issues, abortion and gay/lesbian relations are the most divisive.

Americans Greatly Overestimate Percent Gay, Lesbian in U.S.

The American public estimates that 23% of Americans are gay or lesbian, little changed from the 25% estimate in 2011. These perceptions are many times higher than the actual percentage of the public who identify as gay or lesbian.

European Countries Among Top Places for Gay People to Live

An average of one in three adults in 124 countries say their area is a good place for gay people to live. This sentiment ranges widely from as high as 87% in Spain and the Netherlands to as low as 1% in Senegal.

Satisfaction With Acceptance of Gays in U.S. at New High

A new high of 60% of Americans say they are satisfied with the acceptance of gays and lesbians in the U.S. -- up from 53% in 2014 and 2015. Majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents are satisfied.
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