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CliftonStrengths Harmony Theme: Teams and Managers

"Strong themes, stronger teams": Learn how your team can own its Harmony talents and become stronger, resulting in improved performance, organic growth and better wellbeing.

The Partisan Gap in Views of the Coronavirus

Republicans and Democrats differ in their views of many virus-related issues and in their adherence to mitigation mandates.

The Public Opinion Context for Trump's Reelection Bid

A look at where American public opinion does, and does not, provide a supportive environment for Trump's reelection probabilities.

Americans' Take on the U.S. Is Improved, but Still Mixed

Americans are far from content with the nation's state of affairs, but their average satisfaction with 27 issues tracked since 2001 is the highest in 15 years.

The People's Priorities, Examined

Healthcare, the economy and immigration are A-list issues in the 2020 election, while other issues are broadly important but not top of mind.

Gallup Decade in Review: 2010-2019

Gallup findings over the past decade reveal that the years from 2010 to 2019 encompassed some revolutionary changes in public opinion.

Trump Approval Holds Steady in Face of Impeachment Probe

Despite blitz of impeachment inquiry, Trump approval remains steady. Lowest ratings are on foreign affairs, highest ratings on Economy.

Analyzing Surveys on Banning Assault Weapons

New research on the effects of question wording supports the conclusion that a majority of about six in 10 Americans support an assault weapons ban.

Small-Business Owner Optimism Strong Amid Economic Concerns

Small-business owners remain optimistic, but some are concerned about a potential economic downturn.

Elizabeth Warren's Two Approaches to Government

Warren's plans to disrupt the way government works fit well with public opinion -- her plans to increase its role in solving problems, much less so.
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