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Americans Still Value Immigration, but Have Concerns

Americans support immigration, generally. They also view immigrants positively for their cultural contributions but have concerns about their impact on drug and crime issues.

Americans Showing Increased Concern About Immigration

Americans' satisfaction with the level of immigration into the U.S. was already low, but it has now has fallen to the lowest in a decade. More are dissatisfied because they want immigration decreased, but a wide partisan gulf persists.

U.S. Opinion and the Election: Guns, Immigration, Climate

Read a review of where the American public stands on gun control, immigration, and climate change.

U.S. Immigration Views Remain Mixed and Highly Partisan

Americans offer mixed guidance on the future of immigration, although slightly more now say they want it decreased than increased. The shift is driven by Republicans.

Four in 10 Americans Still Highly Concerned About Illegal Immigration

With emergency powers limiting border entries about to end, Republicans are highly concerned about illegal immigration, while Democrats are not.

U.S. Mood Remains Glum; 18% Satisfied With State of Nation

Americans' views of national conditions remain sour, with 18% satisfied with the way things are going and the Economic Confidence Index holding at -43.

Dissatisfaction With U.S. Immigration Level Rises to 58%

A 58% majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the level of immigration into the U.S. today, and 34% are satisfied. Those dissatisfied are over four times more likely to say it should be decreased than increased.

The Average American Weighs In on Immigration

Joe Biden's initial actions on immigration policy generally fit well with U.S. public opinion.

Americans Remain Divided on Preferred Immigration Levels

Americans are split on whether U.S. immigration should be increased, decreased or kept at its present level.

Americans Want More, Not Less, Immigration for First Time

One-third of Americans would like to see immigration levels to the U.S. increased, 28% want current rates to decline. Democrats and independents are growing more in favor of increasing levels of immigration.
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