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The Average American Weighs In on Immigration

Joe Biden's initial actions on immigration policy generally fit well with U.S. public opinion.

American Attitudes and U.S. Population Growth

U.S. population growth has slowed significantly, the result primarily of significant trends related to fertility and immigration.

Americans Want More, Not Less, Immigration for First Time

One-third of Americans would like to see immigration levels to the U.S. increased, 28% want current rates to decline. Democrats and independents are growing more in favor of increasing levels of immigration.

Arizona Survey Finds Consensus in Politically Divided State

Though equal proportions of Arizonans are Republicans, Democrats and independents, the Gallup Arizona survey finds broad agreement on actions in several areas -- including immigration, the environment and criminal justice.

New High in U.S. Say Immigration Most Important Problem

The 23% of Americans naming immigration as the most important problem is the highest Gallup has recorded, though slightly more still say the government is the top U.S. problem.

Immigration, Public Opinion and Congress

Gallup reviews how well public opinion fits with the bipartisan committee's recommendations on border security, immigration and spending.

Record-High 75% of Americans Say Immigration Is Good Thing

A record-high 75% of Americans think immigration is a good thing, and most would like to see immigration in the U.S. kept at its current level or increased.

Immigration Surges to Top of Most Important Problem List

The 22% of Americans who name immigration as the nation's most important problem is the highest percentage mentioning that issue in Gallup's history.

Americans Say Government, Immigration Are Lead U.S. Woes

Poor governmental leadership and immigration continue to lead the list of issues Americans name as the biggest problem facing the U.S. today.

Mentions of Immigration as Top Problem Surpass Record High

Mentions of immigration as the nation's most important problem increased further in July to a new record 27%.
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