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In U.S., Poor Life Ratings Reach Record High

An estimated 5.6% of U.S. adults rate their lives poorly enough to be categorized as "suffering," the highest level in 14 years of measurement.

Millennials, Gen X Clinging to Independent Party ID

While the Silent Generation and baby boomers have become less likely to identify as political independents as they have aged, Generation X and millennials are maintaining high levels of independent identification.

Americans Not Convinced Marijuana Benefits Society

Americans are split right down the middle over whether they think marijuana's effect on society is positive or negative. Their views about its effect on users tilt slightly positive.

Public Divided on Student COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

Americans' support for COVID-19 vaccine mandates ranges from 48% for elementary students to 54% for college students. Parents largely oppose them.

Average American Remains OK With Higher Taxes on Rich

The majority of Americans support higher taxes on the rich, as they have for years.

Americans Want Stricter Vaping Regulations, Mixed on Tobacco

Americans favor some proposals designed to discourage new or current smokers more than others but generally want to see regulations tightened on electronic cigarettes.

Americans Less Optimistic About COVID-19 Situation

Sharply fewer U.S. adults now (41%) than in April (63%) say the COVID-19 situation is getting better.

U.S. Immigration Views Remain Mixed and Highly Partisan

Americans offer mixed guidance on the future of immigration, although slightly more now say they want it decreased than increased. The shift is driven by Republicans.

Four in 10 Americans Cut Spending to Cover Healthcare Costs

Amid rapidly rising consumer prices, nearly four in 10 Americans have cut spending on healthcare or other basic needs due to rising healthcare costs.

Abortion Issue Top Factor Urging Americans to Protest

A steady 39% of Americans say they have felt the urge to protest, and abortion is currently the top issue motivating them to do so.
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