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Leaving Lebanon: Crisis Has Most People Looking for Exit

Lebanon continues to spiral out of control. Record numbers are unable to afford the basics, and a skyrocketing percentage want to leave.

Who Are the Unhappiest People in the World?

Unhappiness continued to rise in 2021, as the world became a sadder, more worried and more stressed-out place.

Lebanon's Convergence of Crises

Kim Ghattas joins the podcast to discuss the multiple crises that people in Lebanon are enduring as the two-year anniversary of one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history approaches.

Port Explosion Investigation Saps Lebanese Trust in Courts

Two years after the Beirut port explosion, the Lebanese justice system's inability to hold officials accountable has sapped confidence in the country's courts.

Lebanon on the Brink

Lebanon faces a severe economic crisis, with 76% of the country's population struggling to get by in 2020 and 45% saying they lacked money for food in the last 12 months.

Money Doesn't Buy Confidence in the Financial Sector

The public's confidence in financial institutions varies widely worldwide and is related to confidence in government.

Life Ratings Crashed Amid Lebanon's Meltdown

As protests erupted across the country in 2019, Lebanese adults' ratings of their lives dropped to a historic low. Just 4% rated their lives positively enough to be considered "thriving."

Behind Lebanon's WhatsApp Revolt

When your country leads the world in government corruption and it's always a bad time to find a job, even the slightest push can send it into turmoil.

Survey Work Gives Lebanese Woman Her Life Back

This International Women's Day, Gallup talks to a seasoned female interviewer in Lebanon about why she does the work she does, the challenges she's faced and what she's learned from working with the World Poll.

Saudi Arabia's Soft Power Outshines Iran's

Recently restored ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia begin a new chapter in the Middle East. But as Saudi-U.S. relations fray, Gallup data show Saudi Arabia's relative soft power.
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