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Older Adults Sacrificing Basic Needs Due to Healthcare Costs

Substantial numbers of Americans aged 50 and older sacrifice basic needs and skip necessary treatment because of high healthcare costs.

Americans' Mixed Views of Healthcare and Healthcare Reform

Americans have mixed views about the healthcare system and clearly have not yet come to a firm collective judgment on suggested healthcare reforms.

U.S. Public Opinion and the $3.5 Trillion Senate Budget Plan

An initial review of polling data shows that a majority of Americans appear to support the $3.5 trillion Senate budget plan and its constituent elements.

Five Policy Changes on Biden's Initial Agenda

A look at how average Americans may react to five policy changes Joe Biden will likely initiate in his first months in office.

Sanders' Goal to Provide Basic Necessities for All

Bernie Sanders has proposed a number of government guarantees for Americans' basic necessities; public opinion on that concept is mixed.

In U.S., An Estimated 46 Million Cannot Afford Needed Care

Nearly one-in-five American adults report that if they needed quality healthcare today, they would be unable to access it due to the cost.

Who Pays for Americans' Health Insurance?

In recent years, an increasing proportion of Americans have seen their health coverage paid for by Medicare or Medicaid, while fewer Americans have private insurance.

A Paradox? More Government While Attempting to Fix Government

Proposals to enlarge the role of government in the U.S. seemingly conflict with Americans' deep distrust of the way their government operates.

American Public Opinion and Infrastructure Legislation

Americans support congressional infrastructure legislation regardless of how it is defined or what is included.

Government Favored to Ensure Healthcare, but Not Deliver It

The majority of Americans believe the federal government should ensure that all Americans have health coverage, but less than half favor a government-run system.
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