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In the News: Oprah Winfrey

As speculation swirls around the idea that Oprah Winfrey might mount a presidential bid in 2020, a Gallup review examines Americans' views of Winfrey over the past several decades.

Clinton Most Admired Woman for Record 20th Time

Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama again lead Gallup's Most Admired Woman and Man poll. This is Clinton's 20th time finishing No. 1, the most of any woman or man, while Obama trails only Dwight Eisenhower for No. 1 finishes for men.

In the News: Billy Graham on 'Most Admired' List 61 Times

Beginning with his first appearance in 1955, evangelist Billy Graham appeared on Gallup's Top 10 "Most Admired" list 61 times, far more than any other person.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Retain Most Admired Titles

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton retain their titles as most admired man and woman, by narrow margins over Donald Trump and Michelle Obama, respectively.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Extend Run as Most Admired

Hillary Clinton is most admired woman for the 13th year in a row and Barack Obama is most admired man for the seventh straight time. Clinton's margin over second-place Oprah Winfrey is her smallest since 2007.

The Trend Line: Barack Obama Is America's Most Admired Man

Obama, Clinton Continue Reign as Most Admired

Americans name Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as Most Admired Man and Woman again this year, for the sixth and 18th time, respectively. Billy Graham (57) and Queen Elizabeth II (46) extend their records for most top 10 finishes.

Obama Bests Trump as Most Admired Man in 2016

President Barack Obama finished ahead of President-elect Donald Trump in Gallup's 2016 most admired man poll, 22% to 15%. Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Most Admired in 2012

Americans name Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as the Most Admired Woman and Most Admired Man alive in the world today. Clinton has been the Most Admired Woman 11 years straight, Obama the Most Admired Man five years in a row.

The Trend Line: President Obama and Hillary Clinton Named Most Admired Man and Woman

Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport reveals that President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are Americans' Most Admired Man and Woman of 2013.
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