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Nigerians Deeply Divided by Religion on Key Issues

As Nigerians prepare to cast their ballots, the country's Muslims and Christians are deeply divided on key issues.

Perceptions of Muslims in the United States: a Review

Muslim Americans are the youngest and most diverse religious group in the U.S. and, despite the widespread recognition of prejudice against U.S. Muslims, most Americans say they would vote for a Muslim presidential candidate.

Six in 10 Americans Would Say "Yes" to Muslim President

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stated he would not support electing a Muslim president. While that view is in line with the majority in his party, 60% of Americans say they would vote for a Muslim candidate.

Trump's Image Didn't Take a Hit After Muslim Ban Proposal

Donald Trump's image among Americans has trended slightly up, not down, after his Dec. 7 statement that the U.S. should prevent Muslims from entering the country. Unexpectedly, his image has worsened among Republicans but improved among ...

Socialism and Atheism Still U.S. Political Liabilities

While Americans' willingness to support a black or a woman as a candidate for president now approaches 100%, support for candidates who identify as socialist or atheist trails far behind.

Mohamed Younis

Mohamed Younis is Editor in Chief at Gallup. For the past 10 years, Mohamed has led some of Gallup's largest global and regional studies on social, political and economic issues. His research at Gallup has focused on geopolitics and the shifting ...

Who Speaks for Islam?

Gallup's largest study of Muslim populations worldwide challenges conventional wisdom and the inevitability of a global conflict.

From Gallup's New Editor in Chief

Gallup Editor-in-Chief Mohamed Younis talks about his new role and what to look for in Gallup's research in 2019.

The Root Cause of Bloodshed in the Middle East: No Customers

The Middle East has collapsed into a state of chaos, conflict, and suffering that was unimaginable and unforeseen just four years ago. Hardly any experts or institutions predicted the wars and revolutions that have engulfed the region. And those ...

Less Than Half in U.S. Would Vote for a Socialist for President

Less than half of Americans (47%) say they would vote for a qualified presidential candidate who is a socialist -- the same percentage Gallup found in 2015.
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