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South Korea's Image at New High in U.S.

In the U.S., 77% have a favorable view of South Korea, up 13 points since 2014. Meanwhile, favorable ratings of North Korea have fallen to a new low of 6%.

Americans Viewed N. Korea Warily Long Before Trump's Warning

While North Korea's recent advancements in nuclear technology present new challenges to the U.S. in keeping international peace, Americans have long had North Korea on their radar as a threat.

North Korea Surges to Top of U.S. Enemies List

Just over half of Americans cite North Korea as the United States' greatest enemy, more than triple the percentage who said this in 2016.

Americans Like Canada Most, North Korea Least

Americans have the most favorable opinion of Canada, but this ally and others have soured considerably on U.S. leadership since 2016.

Are Americans Willing to Go to War With North Korea?

Gallup Senior Poll Editor Lydia Saad discusses Gallup's latest data on how Americans would like to see the conflict with North Korea resolved. She also delves into Americans' views on how well President Donald Trump is handling the situation.

More Back U.S. Military Action vs. North Korea Than in 2003

A majority in the U.S. favors military action against North Korea if peaceful means don't resolve things, a shift from 2003. Half still say diplomacy can work.

North Korea, Cyberterrorism Top Threats to U.S.

About four in five Americans believe that North Korean nuclear weapons and cyberterrorism each pose critical threats to the United States.

Government, Healthcare Most Important Problems in U.S.

Dissatisfaction with aspects of the U.S. government remained the most important problem this month, while healthcare was not far behind in Americans' concerns.

Trump Rated Best on Economy, Weaker on Other Issues

President Donald Trump's approval ratings on five specific issues range from a low of 31% on healthcare to a high of 45% on the economy.

Americans' Ratings of North Korea Remain Highly Negative

Americans' opinions of North Korea remain highly negative, with 9% rating it favorably and 87% unfavorably. This is similar to ratings of the country over the past decade. North Korea consistently ranks among the worst-rated nations.
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